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The IBM Club website:

The IBM Retired Employee Club (South Hants) website:

The IBM North Harbour Club - Retiree website:

The IBM Club Warwick website:

The IBM Retirees Club (Midlands) website:

The IBM Retirees Club (London) website:

The IBM Hursley Club website:

The Association of Members of IBM UK Pension Plans (AMIPP) website:

The IBM Retiree Handbook "Information for retirees" (a PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat viewer to read) can be found on the revamped persions website: at:

For queries about your Retiree Club Membership contact:

In the event of the death of a Retiree Club member, the family should contact the IBM Pensions Department by telephone on: 02392 568164 or 02392 563742, by email to: or by letter to: Pensions Officer, IBM United Kingdom Pensions Trust Limited, PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU.

IBM has an employee discount programme that is available to retirees.  These offers are unique to IBM and for all purchases made through this site you will receive discounts and also the opportunity to collect cashback for your purchases.

Use the following link, select "Register now" and follow the directions for access as a retiree:

You can now access the IBM Club website externally via a New Global Site.  All that is required is an external e-mail address.  This will allow access to various websites to see activities they have on offer and keep up to date on all IBM National Discounts available to IBM employees and Retirees. The website is:

IBM has set up an Alumni Program - The Greater IBM Connection - As a member, you can connect with current and former colleagues, read interesting news articles, participate in events and discussion forums, gain business insights, and learn about exciting job opportunities.

To register or read the FAQ's click on this link..

The new IBM Retirees Club Constitution as adopted at the 2021 AGM is available here.

Newsletter archive:

Newsletter Crossword Solutions:

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