IBM Hursley Retirees Club - March 2021

March 2021 Events:

March 31st (Wednesday) - The Duffer’s Guide to History
Presented by Steve Roberts

Free Zoom presentation 15:00-16:00pm

In this 60 minutes we'll have a whistle-stop tour of British (and a bit of World) History, from the Stone Age to the Cold War.  It's going to be a bit ’1066 And All That’, so will be full of humour (such as some weird Viking names) but will also have many of the key moments in our history, in chronological order, so that people can see where we’re going.  Lots of questions will be posed (and hopefully answered) along the way.  Was there really a King Arthur?  Why was Alfred 'The Great' and did he really burn the cakes?  Why was Edward I called ’Longshanks’?  and did his son Edward II really fall foul of a red-hot poker?

Register your free zoom slots via the eventbrite links you should have received recently (along with the AGM booking reminder notification) from Merv.  If you have not received the email with the link, please contact Merv via:

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