IBM Hursley Retirees Club - April

April 2017 Events:

April 26th (Wednesday) - Mayflower Theatre Trip - La bohème.

7:15pm Evening performance.

Limited number trip - Selection by ballot if oversubscribed!  Notification of success or failure will be returned in your SAE.

Collect tickets at the door between 6:30 and 7:00pm.  After 7:00 we will give the tickets to any IBMers that have come along just in case there are some “no shows”.  You have been warned!

Please remember that the Retiree must attend.

Full details may be found on the Mayflower Theatre website.

If you are a member of an IBM Club or IBM Retiree Club you may request an application form for this visit by sending an e-mail to: ?subject=Request for Application Form for the April 26th visit to La bohème at the Mayflower Theatre &body=Please send me an Application Form for the April 26th visit to The La bohème at the Mayflower Theatre. %0A%0AName: (Please fill in your name) %0AIBM Employee Number: (Please fill in your employee number) %0AI am a member of: (Please fill in the name of your registered IBM Club)"> Please include your name, IBM Employee Number and the name of the IBM Club that you are registered with.  An e-mail will be returned to you with a PDF version of the application form attached.  You will need to print and complete this as required, and then post with cheque and SAE to Ingrid Bond.

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