IBM Hursley Retirees Club - Associate Membership

Associate Membership

At our AGM in March 2016 the IBM Hursley Retired Employee Club adopted, at the request of the company, a new constitution; this constitution will be common across all IBM Retiree clubs.

The new constitution includes a new category of people who are entitled to be members of our retiree club, Associate Members (see definition below).  Such members are entitled, upon payment of an annual membership fee, to full membership of the IBM Hursley Retired Employee Club.

If you wish to join the Hursley Retired Employee Club, please send the following information:

  • Your full name
  • IBM Personnel number
  • e-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Address
The application should be sent to

Upon receipt of the application, the club will confirm with the Company that you meet the defined criteria and accept your membership.

John Jones (Chairman)

Associate Members:

  1. Previously employed by IBM for 15 years or more continuously (in an IBM Defined Benefit (DB) pension plan) and not yet drawing their pension.
  2. An employee divested from IBM during their employment, in an IBM DB pension plan for 15 years or more, is eligible to join the Club as an Associate member upon drawing their pension.
  3. Former employees of IBM with 15 years or more continuous service who are drawing or deferring a Defined Contribution (DC) pension.
Associate membership will be offered on payment of an annual subscription directly to the Club.

Note: Associate Members have voting rights.

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