IBM Hursley Retirees Club

Draft (unapproved) minutes from our 2018 AGM and Pension Briefing

The minutes from our AGM held on the 6th March are available here.

Approval for these minutes will be sought at our 2019 AGM.

The Pension Briefing presentation given by Claire Smith at our recent AGM on the current pensions situation is also available here.

Harry Helyar

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Harry Helyar passed away.  Many of you knew Harry from working with him at IBM Hursley, and more through his activities supporting the Hursley Retiree Club.  Harry was secretary for some 26 years, and during that time he processed all the trip booking forms.  Looking back over our statistics on how many people attended trips each year gives a figure of over 35,000 trip bookings that Harry processed.

2018 Trip Mailing

You should now have received the latest club mailing with the booking forms for the our 2018 trips.

If you have not received the mailing and you have e-mail access please contact Merv at to request a replacement copy to be sent electronically.  Otherwise, please contact Ingrid for a replacement hard copy.

Full trip details will be available on this site soon.

Hursley Retirees AGM, Tuesday 6th March 2018

The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Hursley Retiree Club will be held on Tuesday 6th March, in the Hursley House Lecture Theatre at 7:00pm.

Access will be only from the main reception from 6:00pm until 6:30pm.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served in the Reception area of Hursley House from 6:00pm until the start of the AGM at 7:00pm.  We also hope that the Hursley Museum will also be open for a visit during this period.

You are reminded that only IBM Retirees’ Club Members, i.e. No Spouses etc, are invited.

Associate Membership of the IBM Hursley Retirees Club

Our constitution includes a new Associate Member category of people who are entitled to be members of our retiree club.  Such members are entitled, upon payment of an annual membership fee, to full membership of the IBM Hursley Retired Employee Club.

Please see our Associate Membership page for details of eligibility and how to apply.

Hursley Club Membership

As from January 2016, there will be an annual fee of £12 (per family) for retirees to continue their membership of the IBM Hursley Club.  This allows full use of the club facilities and the bar.

Application forms are available from the Club Office.

Retiree Information

To ensure continuity of receipt of trip information, please remember to advise by email (quoting your employee number) to: or by letter to: Pensions Services, IBM United Kingdom Pensions Trust Limited, Mailpoint C1A, PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU.

Retirees and the IBM Hursley Club

Retiree Club Members should be aware that membership of the IBM Hursley Club automatically ceases on retirement. However, any IBM Retiree may apply to join the IBM Hursley Club by requesting the appropriate form from the Club office.  This confers "Retiree Member" status which excludes certain rights such as voting at the AGM or serving on the main Club committee, but otherwise allows full use of the bar and other facilities.  As from January 2016, an annual fee of £12 (per family) will apply to retirees wishing to take advantage of Hursley Club membership.  A small additional annual payment may optionally be made to the Hursley Club to upgrade this membership (and remove the exclusions mentioned above).

The IBM Hursley Club is separate from the IBM Hursley Retirees' Club.  However, within the IBM UK Club all events are open to all Members, subject to availability.  Should any IBM Club member wish to change their status to that of IBM Hursley Retirees' Club member a request should be made to quoting their personnel number.

Trip Applications and our E-Mail Newsletter

In view of the expense and administrative workload, together with increasing use of electronic communications, reliance on hard-copy mailings is being reduced.  Each year's set of application forms and our eNewsletter will be e-mailed to those registered for this service.  If you are a registered member of the IBM Hursley Retirees' Club and are not yet added to our eMailing list, please send your request to giving your full name, preferred e-mail id (if different to the one used to send the request) and your IBM employee number.  New Members of the Club will automatically receive communications from the Committee by email.  Please advise of any change in your email address.

Emergency Mobile Phone Number: 07505-094887

We have a dedicated mobile phone that will be taken on all trips for emergency usage.

If you need to cancel your place on any future trip at the very last minute (prior to departure on the day of the trip) send a text or call 07505-094887 - giving your name and number of places.

Please also call 07505-094887 if an emergency arises during the trip, or if for any reason, you are unable to make it back to the coach pickup point for the departure time.

Please contact Ingrid Bond on 01962 883861 if you need to cancel your place prior to the day of the trip.

The committee would like to remind everyone that, because IBM financially supports our activities, each trip should have THE RETIREE on the trip.  There can be no exceptions for “Limited Number” trips, unless there are spare seats available.

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